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CVSTDUMOR0 - USB/RS485 converter with 3-pin screw connector

CVSTDUMOR0 - USB/RS485 converter

The USB-RS485 converter is an electronic device used to interface an RS485 network to a personal computer via the USB port. The connection of the converter to the pCO* also allows the uploading of the application programs, using the Carel software Winload32. When connecting the converter to the USB port on the PC, a driver is activated that emulates the behaviour of a standard serial port. In this way, the PC shows a new “Com” port that can be used by the standard operating system commands. This allows the converter to be managed simply and without the software application noticing any difference compared to a standard “Com”. The number of the serial port can be selected by software from the System Properties in Windows, with a maximum value of Com256. The converter is available in two versions: CVSTDUTLF0, fitted with sixpin telephone connector, and CVSTDUMOR0, fitted with a three-pin terminal block. The converter management drivers, Virtual Com Port (VCP), are available at the address in the free download area. Further upgrades are available at the address


Excl. VAT: £242.25 Incl. VAT: £290.70
Excl. VAT: £242.25 Incl. VAT: £290.70

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