FCS Fan Speed Controller power Board

FCS3204000 - Phased out: this has been replaced by FCR3204020

FCS Fan Speed Controller power Board

FCS3064000 - Phased out: this has been replaced by FCR3064020

FCS3124000- Phased out: this has been replaced by FCR3124020

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The FCS3124000 has been phased out and is being replaced by the FCR3124020.

The IP55 range, suitable for panel installation, can be controlled by a 0 to 10 Vdc analogue signal from advanced controllers such as the FCM, pCO sistema controllers or a PWM signal (Pulse Width Modulation) from the µchiller series.

These controllers can manage motors with current rating from 9 to 40 A, and feature a control board that distributes the power to the load, in linear or quadratic mode, with the cut off, threshold, and minimum and maximum speed functions set using the trimmers on the board.

Power Supply: 400 Vac 
Maximum output current: 12A
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Control signal: 0 to 10 Vdc or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Index of protection: IP55
205W x 280H x 130D
Completing its range of products, CAREL offers a series of modules designed for special applications on HVAC/R units.
In fact, optional modules are available that have been specifically designed, and therefore optimised, for increasingly important functions in current air-conditioning and refrigeration units Air-conditioning and refrigeration processes feature a number of very delicate stages that determine the correct operation of the installation, the correct maintenance of the desired temperature and humidity and the protection of the expensive equipment used for these applications.
Knowing the critical points of the installation allows preventive action to be taken so as to prevent problems from arising that may even cause the entire system to shutdown.
CAREL offers a complete series of devices for controlling the condenser and providing protection, to be used in combination with its controllers.
As regards the control of the condenser, the solution offered involves the FCS series controllers, which feature the possibility of operating in the stand-alone configuration with the FCM control module, or connected to a pCO sistema series controller. This series features devices available for all needs: three-phase and single-phase versions, with different index of protection (IP 00, 20, 55).
As regards the parametric controllers, such as the µchiller series, CAREL offers the MCHRTF range, ideal for this type of controller. These speed controllers are also compatible with the pCO sistema programmable controllers. They can manage single-phase fans with current ratings of 2, 4, 6 and 8 A, 203 Vac.
The new range of variable frequency drives (VFD), the NXL series, is designed specifically for applications such as:
• variable speed of fans in air handling systems;
• modulation of compressor operation;
• variable flow-rate of system supply pumps and evaporator pumps on chillers;
• control of condensing pressure in fan assemblies.
Inverters are used on the electric motors that drive water pumps or fans to modulate the load and achieve precise and energy-efficient process control. The variation in compressor speed by inverter guarantees a correct flow of refrigerant inside the circuit, allowing the continuous operation of the compressor, bringing benefits in terms of cooling efficiency and considerable overall energy saving.
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Power Supply

400 Vac (-15% to +10%), 50/60 Hz

Control signal

0 to 10 Vdc

Input signal impedance

10 kOhm

Operating conditions

-10T50 °C, <90% rH non-condensing

Storage conditions

-20T70 °C, <90% rH non-condensing

Index of protection