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E3V65ASS00- Phased out: this has been replaced by E3V65SSS10

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This part is phased out and replaced by the E3V65SSS10

Pipe connections: ODF 22- 28 ODF (welded copper fittings)
Capacity: 203Kw based on R410a, 5°C Evap, 45°C Cond, 5K Sub Cooling
Compatible refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404A, R407C,R410A, R417A, R507A, R744, R290, R600, R600a
Number of closure steps: 500
Number of regulation steps: 480
NO Sight Glass
External Motor: replaceable (available as a spare part)
Flow direction: Bi-directional (1 Valve suitable for reversible cycles)
Perfect closure: No need for solenoid valve.
Equipercentile variation of refrigerant flow-rate: ensures high precision control at low flow-rates.

An online selection tool for the ExV Valves is available HERE.

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More Information
The E3V completes the CAREL range of electronic expansion valves for medium capacity air-conditioning units: E3V is used on chillers, heat pumps and CCU with the EEV solution now being a standard for these products.

Control is performed via a nozzle with a travel of over 14 mm on around 500 steps of the built-in motor:the correct balance between the theoretical and mechanical resolution guarantees significant stability in controlling the superheat value at the set point and a rapid response to transient situations.

The proportional control function also ensures the absence of pressure pulsation in the refrigerant lines and greater control over the return of liquid to the compressor/compressors.

The standard configuration of the E3V requires a pressure probe and a temperature probe to be installed at the evaporator outlet, so as to control the refrigerant superheat value. The Electronic Expansion Valve driver allows the user to select from different operation Modes such as: Super Heat Control, Back Pressure EPR, Hot Gas Bypass by Temp., Hot Gas Bypass by Pressure, Transcritical CO2, Superheat regulation with 2 temp probes, Control with Emerson Digital Scroll, Analogue Positioner (4..20mA, 0..10Vdc),  

Versions can be selected with welded copper fittings (ODF) or brass connectors (SAE).The most suitable size can be easily chosen according to specific requirements by using the E3V SELECTION software, or alternatively by referring to the quick selection tables.

Carel Electronic Expansion Valves are suitable for R22, R134a, R404A, R407C,R410A, R744, R507A, R417A, R717
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