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GV12-230-3-T - Actuator for large-stroke valves 12000 N, 0.79 mm/s, 80 mm, AC 230 V, 109 VA, 3-point, 2 x SPDT

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GV12-230-3-T - Actuator for large-stroke valves 12000 N, 0.79 mm/s, 80 mm, AC 230 V, 109 VA, 3-point, 2 x SPDT

•    Position indicator mechanical
•    IP 65, Manual override temporary
•    Connection with terminals 

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  • Mode of operation The actuator is activated with a 3-point signal. If the actuator reaches the end position, then the motor will be switched off via (two) load-dependent switches. These switches protect the motor when there are foreign objects between the fitting seat and the cone.

  • Installation actuator – valve The actuator is mounted ex-works to the corresponding valve. The power connection is accomplished with form closure. The power transmission is accomplished by means of the coupling that is secured against torsion.

  • Actuator replacement If an actuator must be replaced in an emergency situation, then the installation instructions for replacement actuators must be followed.

  • Manual override In deenergised state and/or when the motor is shut off, upward and downward movement can be accomplished when the handwheel is pressed in.

  • High operational reliability The actuator is protected against short circuits, polarity reversal and overloading.

  • Function indication The stroke is indicated mechanically on the bracket. The indicator adjusts itself automatically.
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Technical Information

•    Electrical data Nominal voltage AC 230 V, 50 Hz
•    Nominal voltage range AC 207 ... 253 V
•    Power consumption (Dimensioning) 109 VA
•    Connection Terminals, 1.5 mm2
•    Functional data Actuating force (Closing force) 12 kN
•    Control 3-point
•    Minimum pulse duration >0.5 s
•    Manual override Handwheel, temporary
•    Nominal stroke 65 mm
•    Actuating time 0.79 mm/s
•    Sound power level 67 dB(A)
•    Position indication mechanical (30 …)65 mm stroke
•    Operating mode EN60034-1/A11 S3-50% ED 1200 c/h
•    Lubricant for gearbox Molyduval Valenzia H2
•    Auxiliary switch 2 (switching capacity 16 A, AC 250 V)
•    Safety Protection class II
•    Protection mode IP65
•    EMC CE according to 2004/108/EC
•    Low-voltage directive CE according to 2006/95/EC
•    Mode of operation Type 1 (EN 60730-1)
•    Rated impulse voltage 2 kV (EN 60730-1)
•    Control pollution degree 3 (EN 60730-1)
•    Ambient temperature –20 ... +70°C
•    Ambient humidity 95% r.h., non-condensating (EN 60730-1)
•    Maintenance Maintenance-free
•    Dimensions See «Dimensions» on page 3
•    Weight Approx. 10.5 kg

Manufacturer Belimo