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NVF24-MFT-T - Linear spring actuator pulling 800 N, 150 s, adjustable, 20 mm, AC / DC 24 V

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NVF24-MFT-T - Linear spring actuator pulling 800 N, 150 s, adjustable, 20 mm, AC / DC 24 V

•    Control DC 0...10 V
•    Operating range DC 2...10 V, 0...32 V adjustable
•    Position feedback DC 2...10 V, 0...10 V,adjustable
•    Connection without cabel, with screw terminals
•    Utilisation for control valves

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  • Mode of operation Modulating control is effected by means of a standard signal of DC 0...10 V. The control signal is produced by the microprocessor and acts on the brushless motor. When the actuator is powered up for the first time the stroke is acquired automatically and stored in the microprocessor. The control signal and the running time are then adapted to suit that value of stroke. If no correct adaption is performed at that time (e.g. because there is no valve mounted) another adaption will be performed the next time the actuator is powered up. When the actuator is lifting and it reaches the seat for either VALVE
    OPEN or VALVE CLOSED the supply of current to the actuator is reduced. The actuator has an anti-blocking feature which, should dirt on the valve seat prevent
    it from closing properly, causes the actuator to move several times in the open and close directions over 1 to 5% stroke. When de-energized, the spindle of
    the NVF24-MFT-T retracts and that the NVF24-MFT-E-T extends.

  • Functional reability The actuator is short-circuit-proof and protected against polarity reversal. The stroke is adapted automatically.

  • Manual operation Inserting a 5 mm hexagonal key and turning it clockwise causes the spindle of the actuator to emerge from the housing (an extending action). The spindle will remain in that position until the power supply is applied (the controller has first priority).

  • Position indication The stroke is indicated mechanically on the UNV-... mounting bracket and the maximum stroke adjusts itself automatically. There is a two-colour LED status indicator under the cover of the housing.
Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

•     Electrical data Nominal voltage AC 24 V 50/60 Hz, DC 24 V
•     Nominal voltage range AC 19.2...28.8 V DC 21.6...28.8 V
•     For wire sizing 10 VA
•     Power consumption 5.5 W
•     Connecting terminals 2 x 1.5 mm2 or 1 x 2.5 mm2
•     Control DC 0...10 V @ 100 kΩ
•     Operating range DC 2...10 V for 0...100% stroke
•     Position checkback 2...10 V @ 0.5 mA
•     Uni-rotation ±5%
•     Nominal stroke 20 mm
•     Actuating force 800 N
•     Manual operation hexagonal key, self-resetting
•     Running time 150 s
•     Emergency operation <1.5 s/mm
•     Sound power level max. 35 dB (A) max. 50 dB (A) emergency operation (spring)
•     Position indication mechanical 8...20 mm stroke (mounting bracket)
•     Protection class (safety extra-low voltage)
•     Degree of protection IP54
•     Ambient temp. range 0°...+50°C Non-operating temp. –40°...+80°C Humidity test to EN 60730-1
•     EMC CE according to 89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC
•     Software Class A to EN 60730-1
•     Mode of operation Type 1 to EN 60730-1
•     Maintenance Maintenance-free
•     Weight Approx. 2.0 kg (without mounting bracket UNV))

Manufacturer Belimo