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ATA4001AW0 - th-Tune Wall mounted display with Built-in Temp Sensor 230Vac supply

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ATA4001AW0 - TH-TUNE Wall mounted display with Built-in Temp Sensor 230Vac supply

Type: Wall mounted
Power Supply: 230Vac
Sensors: Temp

th-Tune is the Carel room terminal that, together with the pCO* programmable controller, allows the user the control the temperature and humidity in residential environments. Depending on the model, the terminal is fitted with a temperature probe or temperature and humidity probe, and power supply may be 230 Vac or 24 Vac/Vdc. th-Tune is compatible with the main flush mount distribution boxes available on the market (IT, US, DE, CN). Temperature and humidity set is simple and intuitive, using the knob on the front panel. th-Tune also allows the user to make some settings, such as the operating mode and time bands. The type of control and displays depend exclusively on the controller that th-Tune is connected to. The compact dimensions and elegant design make it suitable for all types of rooms.
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The meaning of the buttons and the displays may vary according to the controller that th-Tune is connected to. Below is a description of the common settings. If “CN” is shown on the display, it means there is no communication with the electronic controller the terminal is connected to. On power-up, the terminal normally shows “CN” for around 30s, until communication is established. If “Init” is shown at the bottom, the terminal is being initialised by the master controller. If this process lasts more than 10 minutes it means there are communication problems.



Desc .



Select fan speed: press to select the desired speed (min, med, max) or automatic (Auto) 


Press briefly: enable/disable the time bands.

When enabled the icon comes on.
Press and hold (3 s): access to the menu for setting the clock/time bands. Use the knob to select the following options:
CLOCK: set current date/time: the time will start flashing. Turn the knob to select and press to confirm;
TIMEBAND: time band setting. For each time band (max. 6) press to set the starting time
and the corresponding temperature set point. The related icon will be shown on the side, depending on the status (day/night) and whether or not the home is occupied. Select ESC to exit the procedure and return to the standard display.
ESC: to exit
After a 10 s timeout th-Tune automatically returns to the main menu. 


th-Tune device On/Off; in some menus pressing the button briefly is the same as choosing ESC. 


Turn the knob to set the value and press to confirm 

Accessing the special menu: MODE + CLOCK for 3s to access the alarms menu, active only if the icon is on. The alarms displayed depend on the electronic controller that th-Tune is connected to. To access the parameters menu, press FAN and POWER together for 3s. Different passwords can be entered to access different menus.

Psw 22 accesses the th-Tune parameters menu, which includes “ADDR” for setting the serial address:
- “Baud” for setting the baud rate (“0”= 4800 bps, “1”= 9600 bps,

“2”= 19200 bps);
- “Pcal” for calibrating the probe. 


Technical specifications

Power supply: Models ATA*******: 230 Vac (+10/-15%) 50/60 Hz Models ATC*******: 24 Vac (+10 to -15%), 22 to 35 Vdc Maximum current: 2 VA
Operating conditions: -10T60 °C, 10 to 90% rH non-cond. Storage conditions: -20T70 °C, 10 to 90% rH non-cond. Environmental pollution: 2

PTI of insulating materials: PCB: from 175 to 249; insulation material: PTI 275
Software class and structure: A
Index of protection of the case: IP20

Category of resistance to heat and fire: D
Classification according to protection against electric shock: to be integrated into class 1 or 2 appliances
Period of electrical stress across the insulating parts: long Immunity against voltage surges: category II
Precision of temperature measurement: range 0T40 °C: ±1 °C; over: ±1.5 °C
Precision of humidity measurement: range 0T60 °C, 20 to 80% rH: ±5% rH 

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