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AV24-MFT2 - This Product has been Phased Out and replaced by EV24A-MP-TPC

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AV24-MFT2 - This Product has been Phased Out and replaced by EV24A-MP-TPC
•    Linear actuator
•    2500 N, 150 s, adjustable, 40 mm,
•    AC / DC 24 V, modulating, MFT
•    Control DC 0...10 V
•    Operating range DC 2...10 V, 0...32 V adjustable, MP-Bus
•    Position feedback DC 2...10 V, 0...10 V,adjustable
•    Utilisation for globe valves with flange (ISO 7005)

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  • Mode of operation The actuator is activated with a standard modulating signal DC 0 ... 10 V.

  • Simple attachment A clamping strap on the bracket makes possible simple attachment on the neck of the valve. The actuator spindle is coupled to the valve stem with the valve stem coupling. The actuator can be rotated through 360° on the neck of the valve.

  • Manual override The stroke can be adjusted in a voltage-free state by using a hexagonal key (5 mm), which is plugged into the actuator at the top. If the hexagonal key is turned in a clockwise direction, then the actuator spindle will extend from the actuator housing (pushing) and maintain the position until a nominal voltage is applied (the controller has first priority).

  • High functional reliability The actuator is protected against short circuits, polarity reversal and overloading. The stroke is adapted automatically.
  • Function indication The stroke is indicated mechanically on the bracket. The indicator adjusts itself automatically. A two-coloured LED status display is located below the cover of the housing.

  • Combination valve/actuator Refer to the valve documentation for suitable BELIMO valves, their permitted media temperatures and closing pressures. The retrofit actuator AV..-R is provided for third-party valves.
Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

•    Technical data Nominal voltage AC 24 V, 50/60 Hz / DC 24 V
•    Nominal voltage range AC 19.2 ... 28.8 V / DC 21.6 ... 28.8 V
•    Power consumption In operation For wire sizing 6 W @ nominal force 12 VA
•    Connection Cable Cable 1 m, 5 x 0.75 mm2
•    Parallel connection Yes (note performance data for supply!)
•    Functional data Actuating force Closing force Inhibiting force 2500 N 1700 N
•    Control Control signal Y Operating range DC 0 ... 10 V, input impedance 100 k.. DC 2 ... 10 V
•    Position feedback (Measuring voltage) DC 2 ... 10 V, max. 0.5 mA
•    Actuating time 7.5 s/mm or 3.75 s/mm, selectable
•    Position accuracy ±5%
•    Manual override With hexagonal key, temporary
•    Nominal stroke 40 mm
•    Running time 150 s
•    Sound power level Max. 35 dB (A)
•    Position indication mechanical 8 … 50 mm stroke
•    Protection class III Safety extra-low voltage
•    Degree of protection IP54
•    EMC CE according to 2004/108/EC
•    Rated impulse voltage 0.33 kV (EN 60730-1)
•    Control pollution degree 3 (EN 60730-1)
•    Ambient temperature 0 ... +50°C
•    Non-operating temperature –40 ... +80°C
•    Ambient humidity 95% r.H., non-condensating (EN 60730-1)
•    Maintenance Maintenance-free

Manufacturer Belimo