AV24LON Linear actuator 2500 N, 150 s, adjustable, 40 mm, AC / DC 24 V, LonWorks

AV24LON Linear actuator 2500 N, 150 s, adjustable, 40 mm, AC / DC 24 V, LonWorks

•    Linear actuator
•    2500 N, 150 s, adjustable, 40 mm
•    AC 230 V, 3-point
•    Control LonMark Functional Profile #8110
•    Operating range LonMark Functional Profile #8110
•    Utilisation for globe valves with flange (ISO 7005)


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Product Description



  • Further technical data for valve actuators: The basic design of the actuators is identical to the corresponding MFT(2) type. Therefore, if further technical data is required refer to Product Information 2. + 6.MFT2 (general technical data, dimensions, installation instructions, etc.).

  • Parameter assignment: Using an MFT parameter assignment device (PC-Tool MFT-P or Manual Parameter Assignment Device MFT-H) it is a very simple matter to edit any parameters for specific actuators. The adjustable funtions and ranges depend on the particular actuator concerned.

  • Adjustable parameters: Electronic stroke limiting  Actuating force: (This can be reduced to 75%, 50% or 25%). With the NVF24LON and NVF24LON-E types – spring return – the actuating force cannot be reduced. Direction of stroke and closing point selection reversible (slide switch).  Running time (motor): When  running times are shorter than the basic value, the values of actuating force (N) and sound power level (dB) of the actuator may be different. It is very important  to refer to the corresponding function curves in the Product Information brochure for MFT(2) actuators (2. + 6. MFT2).  Functional test or adaption can be started.

    Manuals & Datasheets

    Manuals & Datasheets

    Manuals & Datasheets
    Technical Information

    •    Actuating force (Closing force1), Blocking force 2)) 1000N1)/800N2) 1600 N 800 N 800 N 2000
    •    Nominal stroke 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 40 m
    •    Suitable for Type H DN 15...80 DN 15...80 DN 15...80 DN 15...80 DN 65...150
    •    Emergency control function (spring return)  retracting extending
    •    Emergency control time – – <1.5 s/mm <1.5 s/mm –
    •    For wire sizing 5 VA 5 VA 10 VA 10 VA 12 VA
    •    Power consumption 3 W 3 W 5.5 W 5.5 W 6.5 W