C215QP-D PI Zone Valve

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C215QP-D PI Zone Valve

  • DN 15, 2-way, Rp 1/2", internal thread

  • Vnom 420 l/h

  • Housing brass body nickel-plated

  • Closing element stainless steel

  • Stem stainless steel

  • Stem seal O-ring EPDM, valve seat PTFE

  • Leakage rate A, leak-proof (EN 12266-1)

  • Medium temperature +2…+90 °C

  • Equal-percentage characteristic curve (VDI/VDE 2178)

More Information

Principle of operation: The ball valve is adjusted by a rotary actuator. The actuator is controlled by a commercially available modulating or 3-point control system and moves the ball of the valve – the throttling device – to the position dictated by the positioning signal. Open the characterised control valve counterclockwise and close it clockwise.

Flow characteristic: Equal percentage flow control is ensured by the special design of the ball.

Constant flow volume: With a differential pressure of 16…350 kPa, a constant flow volume is achieved thanks to the integrated pressure regulationg valve. Independent of the differential pressure through the valve, a valve authority of 1 is achieved. Even with pressure variatons and in the partial load range, the flow rate remains constant with each respective opening position (angle of rotation) and ensures a steady control. 

Flow limitation: Instead of the electric actuator, the PIQCV-valve can also be operated with a flow limiter (see accessories). The flow limiter ensures that the heat exchanger is continuously supplied with a manually fixed amount of water.


Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

Technical Data C215QP-D
Functional Data:

  • Media Cold and warm water, water with glycol up to max. 50% vol.
  • Medium temperature 2...90°C
  • Pressure value 16...350 kPa
  • Permissible pressure ps 1600 kPa
  • Closing pressure ∆ps 700 kPa
  • Flow characteristic equal percentage (VDI/VDE 2178), optimised in the opening range
  • Pressure stability With a pressure value of 16...350 kPa: ±10%
  • Leakage rate Leakage rate A, tight (EN 12266-1)
  • Flow setting see Installation instructions
  • Pipe connectors Internal thread according to ISO 7-1
  • Angle of rotation 90° (Operating range 15...90°)
  • Installation position Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)
  • Maintenance Maintenance-free


  • Housing Brass body
  • Closing element Stainless steel
  • Stem Stainless steel
  • Stem seal O-ring EPDM
  • Valve seat PTFE, O-ring EPDM
  • Diaphragm EPDM


Abbreviations Vnom = nominal flow with valve completely opened, Vmax = maximum flow set by the angle of rotation limitation on the actuator


Manufacturer Belimo