D6400NL 2-way Butterfly Valve

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D6400NL 2-way Butterfly Valve

  • PN16, Lug Type, DN 400, kvmax 14200

  • Body GGG40, Epoxy Powder-coated

  • Ball stainless steel 1.4301

  • Seal EPDM

  • Temperature of medium -20°C..+ 120°C

More Information

Principle of operation: The butterfly valve is opened or closed completely by an open-close rotary actuator. Continuous rotary actuators are connected by a commercially available controller and move the valve to any position desired. The valve disk made of stainless steel is pressed into the soft-sealing EPDM seat by a rotary movement and ensures leakage rate A (tight). The pressure losses are slight in the open position and the kv value is at a maximum.

Manual override: Manual throttling or shut-off can be carried out with a lever or a worm gear (see «Accessories»). -With lever (DN25…150): Adjustable in 10 ratchet steps with position indication ( 0 = 0° (angle); 9 = 90° (angle) ) -With worm gear (DN25...700): steplessly adjustable (self-locking) with position indication.

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

Functional data:

  • Media Cold and warm water, water with glycol up to max. 50% vol.
  • Medium temperature -20...120°C
  • Permissible pressure ps 1600 kPa
  • Leakage rate Leakage rate A, tight (EN 12266-1)
  • Pipe connectors DN 50...DN 150: Flange PN 10/PN 16 (according to ISO 7005-2) DN 200...DN 700: Flange PN 16 (according to ISO 7005-2)
  • Angle of rotation 90°
  • Installation position Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)
  • Suitable connection flange In accordance with ISO 7005-2 and EN 1092-2
  • Maintenance Maintenance-free


  • Housing EN-JS1030 (GGG 40), epoxy-powder coating (RAL 5002)
  • Closing element 1.4301 (stainless steel)
  • Stem 1.4005 (stainless steel)
  • Stem seal O-ring EPDM
  • Spindle bearing RPTFE
  • Seat EPDM
Manufacturer Belimo