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P6150W4500E-MP - This product has been phased out

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This product has been phased out, please contact for replacement

P6150W4500E-MP  - Electronic 2-way control ball valve

•    2-way flange, DN 150
•    AC / DC 24 V, modulating,
•    Running time motor 90 s constant
•    Actuator with sensor, valve and actuator
•    Connection Cable 1.5 m with socket for PC-TOOL and ZTH

More Information


  • Mode of operation The actuator is comprised of 3 components: characterised control valve (CCV), measuring pipe with medium velocity sensor and the actuator itself. First of all, the maximum flow rate (max) is set on the actuator, whereby max is permitted to represent 45% to 100% of the greatest possible flow rate nom. At the same time, the max value is assigned to the maximum control signal (typically 10V). Because of the fact that the characterised control valve (CCV) exhibits an equal percentage valve characteristic curve, the control signal for the flow rate is also depicted in equal percentages, i.e. 70% of the control signal corresponds to 38% of the max value.In conventional operation, the actuator is connected to a standard DC 0.5 ... 10V signal. The medium flows in the measuring pipe with a velocity of > 0 to 2 m/s, is detected by the sensor and is applied as the flow value. The standard signal is compared in the actuator with the measured flow value. Depending on the deviation, the actuator moves the ball of the characterised control valve (CCV) into the required position and acts as a throttling device. The angle of rotation α varies, depending on the differential pressure, by means of the final controlling element (see Flow rate curves).

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

•     Functional data control valve sensor unit Media Cold and low temperature hot water,Water with max. 50% volume of glyco
•     Medium temperature – 2°C ... +120°C in the characterised control valve (CCV)
•     Allowed working pressure ps See «Type overview» Differential Pressure ∆pmax See «Type overview»
•     Flow characteristic Equal percentage (in accordance with VDI/VDE 2178)n(gl): see «Type overview»,Optimised in the opening range
•     Rangeability SvSee «Type overview»
•     Leakage rate A: air bubble-tight (in accordance with EN 12266-1)
•     Pipe connectors Flange PN 16 (in accordance with EN 1092/1)
•     Closing pressure Δps 690 kPa
•     Min. pressure loss, valve 22 kPa @ Vnom
•     Angle of rotation 90°<)
•     Installation position  Standing to lying (in relation to the stem)
•     Maintenance  Maintenance-free
•     Materials Fitting EN-JL1040 (GG25 with protective paint)
•     SValve cone Stainless steel AISI 316
•     Stem Stainless steel AISI 304
•     Stem seal EPDM Perox
•     Ball seat PTFE, O-ring Viton
•     Characterising disk Stainless Steel
•     Standards Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC 
•     Flow measurement Measuring principle Magnetic inductive medium speed measurement
•     Measuring accuracy ±6% (of 25% ... 100%  nom)
•     Control accuracy ±10%
•     Min. flow measurement 2.5% @ Vnom
•     Measuring pipe EN-GJS-500-7U (GGG50 with protective paint)
•     Max. pressure drop measuring pipe <20 kPa @ Vnom
•     Dimensions / weights See «Dimensions and weights» on page 8

Manufacturer Belimo