R3020-1P6-1-B2 6-way Characterised Control Valve

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R3020-1P6-1-B2 6-way Characterised Control Valve

  • Internal thread Rp 3/4", DN 20, ps 1600, kvs1 1.6, kvs2 1.0

  • Housing nickel-plated brass

  • Valve cone chrome-plated brass

  • Sealing PTFE / EPDM

  • Characterising disk stainless steel

  • Medium temperature 6...80°C

  • Leakage rate A air bubble tight (EN 12266-1)

More Information

Mode of operation: The 6-way characterised control valve is adjusted by a rotary actuator. The actuator is connected by a modulating control system or a MP-Bus signal and moves the ball of the ball valve to the position dictated by the positioning signal. If the valve is adjusted in the clockwise direction (till the end stop), e.g. the cooling sequence is completely enabled; if the valve is adjusted in the counter-clockwise direction (90°), e.g. the heating sequence is completely enabled.

Pressure compensation: In cases of combined heating/cooling control elements, the medium remains in the control element when in the closed position (no heating or cooling). The pressure of the enclosed medium can rise or fall due to changes in medium temperature caused by the ambient temperature. The 6-way characterised control valves have an integrated pressure relief function for the purpose of compensating for such pressure changes. The pressure relief function is active in the closed position (45°) of the valve; reliable separation of Sequences 1 and 2 continues. For additional information, consult the notes for project planning for the 6-way characterised control valve.

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

Functional data:

  • Media Cold and warm water, water with glycol up to max. 50% vol.
  • Medium temperature 6...80°C

Functional data:

  • Permissible pressure ps 1600 kPa
  • Differential pressure ∆pmax 100 kPa
  • Differential pressure note low-noise operation ∆pv100 < 50kPa
  • Flow characteristic Linear
  • Leakage rate Leakage rate A, air-bubble-tight (EN 12266-1)
  • Pipe connector Internal thread according to ISO 7-1
  • Angle of rotation Sequence 1: 0...30° (Cooling recommended), Dead zone: 30...60° and Sequence 2: 60...90° (Heating recommended)
  • Angle of rotation note with room controller CRK24-B1 compelling sequence 1 = cooling and sequence 2 = heating
  • Installation position Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)
  • Maintenance Maintenance-free


  • Housing Brass body nickel-plated
  • Closing element Chrome-plated brass
  • Stem Nickel-plated brass
  • Stem seal O-ring EPDM
  • Ball seat PTFE, O-ring EPDM
  • Flow rate diaphragms rostfreier Stahl
Manufacturer Belimo