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ExCos-P pressure sensor from 20 Pa...100 Pa
Electrical, explosion proof pressure or differential pressure sensor 24 VAC/DC supply voltage, 0...10 V / (0)4...20 mA analogue output PTB-certified in acc. with ATEX directive 94/9/EC for zone 1, 2, 21, 22.

Type: ExCos-P100
Sensor: Pressure-/Diff. Press.
Supply: 24 VAC/DC
Range: +/- 100 Pa
min Range: 20 Pa
max Pressure: 25000
Output: (0) 4..20 mA/0..10V
Ex-i output: -
Wiring: SB 1.0
More Information

The new ExCos-P...preassure sensor generation from +/- 100 Pa to +/- 7.500 Pa (acc. to type) is a revolution for differential pressure measuring in HVAC systems, in chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and Offshore/Onshore plants, for use in hazardous areas zones 1, 2 (gas) and 21, 22 (dust). Highest protection class (ATEX) and IP66 protection, small dimension, universal functions and technical data guarantee safe operation even under difficult environmental conditions. The measuring ranges are scalable within the maximum ranges. At ExCos-P100 the smallest ΔP range is 20 Pa. The analogue output signal is either 0...10 VDC or 4...20 mA and can be selected on site. The integrated display is for actual value indication which can be switched off. All sensos are programmable on site without any additional tools. ExCos-P...-A sensors are additionally equipped with a 4...20 mA IS (IS = intrinsecaly safe) output, e.g. for an external indicator. ExCos-P-..-OCT is Equipped with stainless steel 316L tubing ø 6 mm.

Technical Information


  • For all type of gas, mixtures, vapours and dust for use in zone 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • No addional Ex-i module required
  • No intrisically safe wiring/installation between panel and sensor required
  • No intrisically safe wiring/installation and no space in the panel required
  • Integrated Ex-e junction box
  • Power supply 24 VAC/DC
  • Display with backlight, can be switched off
  • Scalable analogue output, selectable 0...10 V / (0) 4...20 mA
  • Compact design and small dimension ( L × B × H = 177 × 107 × 66 mm )
  • Robust aluminium housing in protection class IP66
  • Down to -20°C ambient temperature applicable
  • Password locking
  • Optional IS-output (4...20 mA) for external indicator in Ex-areas
  • CT versions have an excellent resistance to chemicals and sea water.
  • OCT as CT version plus pressure tube connection for clamping ring Ø 6 mm
Manufacturer Schischek