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The IO/AX 4.1 is a multiple analogue output module that is
designed to convert 1 x 0-10 volt input signal to 4 x 0-10 volt
outputs in parallel or 3 x 0-10 volt outputs in sequence (3 stage
control) with AO4 acting as a slave to AI1 for cascade control to
other modules.
The inputs and outputs can be selected to operate on 2-10 volts if
required. Also the outputs can be individually inverted.

* Microprocessor Based
* 24 Volt AC/DC Supply
* 1 Input signal to control 4 outputs (see selectable options)
* Operation can be 0-10 or 2-10 volts
* Outputs can operate 0-10 volts or 10-0 volts
* LED Power ON indication
* DIN Rail Mounting
More Information
Description Converts a 0-10V input signal to 4 x 0-10V outputs in parallel or 3 x 0-10V outputs in sequence. The inputs and outputs can be selected to operate on 0-10V or 2-10V if required and can be individually inverted. The IO/AX4.1 requires a 24AC or 24DC supply and is compatible with most BMS controllers.
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Technical Information

Input                                      1 x 0-10 or 2-10 volts (see option selection)
Output                                   4 x 0-10 volts or 2-10 volts (rated 5mA each)
                                               Outputs can be individually inverted
                                               see diagram for output options
Power Supply                      24 volts AC or DC (± 15%)
Power Consumption         25mA (max.)
Terminals                            Max. cable size 1.0mm
Operating Temperature    0 to +50°C
Dimensions                        82mm High
                                               80mm Wide
                                               45mm Deep
Mounting                               DIN Rail
Order Code                           IO/AX 4.1

Manufacturer Titan