CM00008526 - Masteraria LIGHT Backplate 5,5Kw - AHU Electrical Panel with 2 fans up to 5,5Kw

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£1,320.00 £1,584.00
The MASTERARIA Light Backplate Verison is the simplest and most cost effective among the AHU control panels.

Despite its small price it features great functionalities:

- Manages up to 2 fans up to 5,5 Kw each via VFDs
- Heat Recovery and/or Free-cooling controls
- Heating and Cooling (LPHW, Gas burners, Electric coils, DX units
- variable capacity or staged, Evaporative cooling control)
- Air Flow control
- Heating and cooling pumps control
- Humidification and Dehumidification Control
- Built in scheduller, Alarm mangement, logs and history,
- BMS Interface (Trend, Bacnet, Lon Echelon, MODBUS, SNMP, emails and Web Cloud based integration with tERA)

Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 25A/400V/3ph/50Hz
IP Protection: None
Backplate size: 350(w)x440(h)
Supply fan motor Max power: 5,5 Kw 
Extract fan motor Max power: 5,5 Kw
PCO3 Small controller (8DI, 8DO, 4AO, 5AI) pre wired
Display: PGD1 display supplied lose.

Compared to the Masteraria STANDARD, the LIGHT version has:
- Smaller Box
- PCO3 Small controller (8DI 8DO 5AI 4AO) instead than the Medium (14DI 13DO 8AI 4AO)
- The TCONN6J000 splitter board for a remote display is optional
- The Extra power terminals 400V/3ph/50Hz which allow for an external power supply connection to remote condensers, humidifier, chillers and heatpumps has been removed. If you need this feature you can opt for the Masteraria STANDARD

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