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CRK24-B1 - Room temperature controller CRK24-B1 Heated/chilled ceiling 6-way valve AC 24 V

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CRK24-B1 - Room temperature controller CRK24-B1 Heated/chilled ceiling 6-way valve AC 24 V

 •    Setpoint: 18...35º C, rotary button: +/- 3 K
•    Select mode, display: AUTO / ECO / MAX
•    1 output: 6-way control valve
•    5 inputs: EHO, Stand-by, dewpoint,
•    setpoint adapt., ext. temp. sensor

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The room temperature controller
CRK24-B1 is precisely designed for the regulation of heated / chilled ceilings. The output sequence of the controller is calibrated to the new 6-way ball valve EXT-K3B2-..-.. with LR24A-MP / LR24A-SR actuator. This controller should therefore only be utilised in the actuator in combination with the 6-way ball valve.

Energy hold off(EHO) In energy saving mode, the room temperature is regulated to the building protection level, i.e. the heating setpoint is significantly reduced or the cooling setpoint is significantly increased, for instance in a room with an open window.

Pre-comfort The room temperature is reduced to stand-by level, i.e. the heating setpoint is slightly reduced and/or the cooling setpoint is slightly increased, for instance in a room that is temporarily unoccupied.

Frost If the current room temperature falls below 10°C, then the frost function will be activated.

Dew point limitation If the optional connectable dew point limiter responds, then the valve is moved into neutral position.

External temperature sensor An external temperature sensor can be connected at analogue input ai1.

External setpoint shift An external DC 0 ... 10 V signal at the analogue input ai2 can be used to shift the basic setpoint by 0 ... 10 K, e.g. for summer/winter compensation.The functions are described in detail on pages 9 to 13.

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

•    Nominal Voltage AC 24 V 50/60 Hz
•    Dimensioning 3 VA, without actuators
•    Power supply range AC 19.2 … 28.8 V
•    Connections Terminal block 1 … 3: 2.5 mm2 Terminal block 4 … 8: 1.5 mm2
•    Functional data Control characteristics P – P-band heating / cooling Selectable: 2.0 K / 1.0 K or 4.0 K / 2.0 K
•    External temperature sensor (ai1) Type NTC, 5 k??, Power supply range 10 … 45°C e.g. Belimo Type TFK
•    Setpoint Adjustment range 15 … 36°C (Default 21°C) – Energy hold off (EHO) – Pre-comfort Heating 15°C / Cooling 40°C Heating –3 K / Cooling +3 K 
•    Dead band 1 K
•    Frost protection limit 10°C
•    Operation – Mode switch and status display (LED) AUTO (green) – ECO (orange) – MAX (red) – Rotary knob for setpoint adjustment ±3 K
•    Communication connection for field devices 2 x PP (for PC-Tool, ZTH-GEN, etc.)
•    Inputs 2 x analogue, 2 x digital – External temperature sensor (ai1)Type NTC, 5 k??, Power supply range 10 … 45°C – External setpoint shift (ai2) 0 … 10 V correspond to: 0 … 10 K – Digital inputs (di1, di2,) Contact rating 10 mA 
•    Output 1x analogue – 6-way ball valve (ao1) (0) 2 … 10 V, max. 5 mA
•    Norms and Standards Protection class III Safety extra-low voltage
•    Degree of protection IP30 (EN 60529)
•    Mode of operation Type 1 (EN60730-1)
•    Software class A (EN 60730-1)
•    EMC CE according to 2004/108/EU
•    Weight 105 g

Manufacturer Belimo