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EVD0000200 - Phased out: this has been replaced by EVD0000E20

Electronic Expansion Valve driver EVD 200 independent EEV driver module with pLAN protocol to be connected to pCO sistema controllers. This is an ideal solution for precision air-conditioning units, shelter, chillers, heat pumps suitable for the applications where the functions of the unit are more important.
The EVD200 unfortunately is now obsolete.
You can Buy its replacement- EVD Evolution driver(EVD0000E20) HERE.
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Product Description


Please note:
Some Carel Standard software i.e. FLSTDmMCDE and FLSTDmMSBE are not designed to communicate with the EVD Evolution drivers just as they used to communicate with EVD200. All EVD Evolution drivers can work as a standalone though .

Retrofit Options:
Should you require a replacement for an old EVD200/300 connected via serial line (pLAN or RS485) to the controller, a cost effective replacement option  is to use an EVD Evolution driver instead and disable the EVD 200/300 in the configuration screen of the pCOx controller  so not to have "Offline Alarms".  A wiring from the contactor of the compressor to the Digital input of the EVD Evolution may be a good activation command to the driver.
In this way, whenever the compressor is called in, the EVD Evolution is enabled and runs to maintain the Superheat set point on the suction of the compressor.  

Manuals & Datasheets

Manuals & Datasheets

Manuals & Datasheets


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