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EVD0000420 - EVD400 UNIVERSAL (RS485)

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The EVD400 driver controls the electronic expansion valve in a refrigerant circuit.
Its control function is achieved by optimising the opening of the valve using a PID algorithm.

Power supply: 20 to 28 Vac or 23 Vdc 50/60 Hz
Protocol: RS485
Compatible Valves: Carel ExV, Sporlan SEI 0.5-20, Sporlan SEI 30, Sporlan SEH 50-250, Alco EX5-EX6, Alco EX7, Alco EX8 330 step/s, Alco EX8 500 step/s, Danfoss ETS-25/50, Danfoss ETS-100, CAREL E2V*P, Danfoss ETS-250/400
Assembly: DIN rail
Dimensions: 70 x 110 x 60
Total of 9 Inputs/Outputs
Index of protection: IP20
Resistance to heat and fire: category D
Immunity against voltage surges: category 1
More Information
The EVD00004** module's for electronic expansion valves with two-pole stepper motor is a controller that manages the expansion of the refrigerant in a refrigerant circuit. This function is achieved by optimising the opening of the valve using a PID algorithm and some special auxiliary control routines.

The controller has a tLAN interface for connection to a Master unit (for example μC2), an RS485 adapter (present in models *410, *411, *420 and *421) that allows connection to units with the supervisor protocol, from 4800 to 19200 baud, or with the pLAN protocol.
The controller automatically recognises the protocol and the baud rate. Alternatively, the controller can operate in stand-alone mode. As well as the serial connection, in any confi guration described above, the controller can be accessed for confi guration or monitoring via an auxiliary “service” serial port at 4800 baud with supervisor/tLAN protocol and network address= 1 (fi xed).

The USB converter CVSTDUTTL0 is required to use the “service” serial port. This connection is for temporary use. If using the “service” serial port or the supervisor protocol on the main serial port, the EVD4UI program can be used; this has a user-friendly graphic interface and is available on the KSA site.
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