Ex-PRO CT50 - Temperature probe –40...+125 °C, probe length 50mm

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A ExPro-C... probe is a sensor head resp. measuring element which is in combination witha ExCos-D transducer for temperature-, humidity or combi temperature/humidity measuring.ExPro-C... probes are only for use with ExCos-D… transducer. The connection should bedone with a socket on the front resp. on the back side of the transducer but only 1 ExPro-C...module can be used.


More Information
The ExCos-D... transducer generation from together with direct coupled ExPro-C... sensors are a revolution for measuring temperature and/or humidity in HVAC systems, in chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and Offshore-/Onshore plants, for use in hazardous areas zone 1, 2 (gas) and zone 21, 22 (dust).

Highest protection class (ATEX) and IP66 protection, small dimension, universal functions and technical data guarantee safe operation even under difficult environmental conditions. The measuring ranges are scalable within the maxium ranges. The analogue output signal is either 0...10 VDC or (0)4...20 mA and can be selected on site. The integrated display is for actual value indication which can be switched off.

All sensors are programmable on site without any additional tools. ExCos-D-A transducer are additionally equipped with a (0)4...20 mA IS (IS = intrinsically safe) output, e.g. for an external indicator.

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Technical Information
  • Application for temperature
  • Measuring Range –40 °C … +125 °C / 0…100 % rH
  • Sensor type and length ExPro-CT50 = 50 mm
  • Response time T90 / 20 s, T90 / 4 s
  • Accuracy Temperature ± 0,4 °C at 25 °C ± 0,025 °C/°C + transducer
  • Hysteresis ± 1 %
  • Protection class IP66 acc. to IEC 60529
  • Material thermowell, protection tube Stainless steel 1.4305, at length 50 mm in plastic max. temperature 80°C (room temperature)
  • Filter element at humidity probe with Stainless Steel filter element pore size 100 μm
  • Ambient temperature/-humidity –40…+125 °C / 0…100 % rH
  • Storage temperature –40…+125 °C
  • Delivery 1 ExPro-C... probe with fast connection and gasket (EPDM) for duct installation
  • Installation area probe in Ex-area zone 1, 2, 21, 22
Manufacturer Schischek