FLSTDmAHUE - Air Handling unit Software

FLSTDmAHUE - Air Handling unit Software

This software manages all cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and re-heating functions, as well as freecooling, enthalpy control, set point compensation, heat recovery and air variable volume flow control. 
The fans, air filters and external devices (refrigeration units) are protected by a complete alarm management system. 
In addition, the fan speed can be controlled by inverter, so as to maintain a constant outlet and return pressure in systems with variable flow-rate, optimising the consumption of energy.

Different versions of display are used to read the data both on the unit and from a distance. 
Finally, all the parameters can be modified and are protected by three levels of password: user, installer and manufacturer. 
The application can be integrated into the PlantVisor or PlantWatch supervisory system by RS485 serial connection, and can also interface to the Modbus® protocol.

Modification Log on Version 2.0 BETA 09:
Attention! This version is a BETA.
1) Introduction of the Direct and Indirect Evaporative cooling management
2) Introduction of the Fireman Override
3) Compatibility with PCO5 hardware allowing to use the Built in Field port for VFD drives and the Built in MODBUS slave port for a BMS integration.
4) Introduction of a "Generic Alarm" which doesn't shut downs the AHU
5) Introduction of Fan Dampers with End Switched DI for feedback monitoring
6) Introduction of additional Graphics  on the Home screen for easy reference of the status of the AHU
7) Introduction of the Air Volume Control in 3mh in the Fan Variable Speed Drive management
FLSTDmAHUE - Air Handling unit Software Ver 1.7
FLSTDmAHUE - Air Handling unit Software Ver 1.7

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COMPATIBLE HARDWARE - standard software for Air Handling Units








pCOxs (only 1+1 Mbyte version)





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Manuals & Datasheets

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