GK24A-SR - CPO actuator (with condenser) 40 Nm, 150 s adjustable, 95° AC / DC 24 V, modulating

GK24A-SR - CPO actuator (with condenser) 40 Nm, 150 s adjustable, 95° AC / DC 24 V, modulating

GK24G-1 -Damper actuator 40 Nm, 150 s, 95° AC 230 V, Open/Close

GK24G-1 -Damper actuator 40 Nm, 150 s, 95° AC 230 V, Open/Close

GK24A-SZ - CPO actuator (with condenser) 40 Nm, 150 s, 95° AC / DC 24 V, modulating

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GK24A-SZ - CPO actuator (with condenser) 40 Nm, 150 s, 95° AC / DC 24 V, modulating

•    Running time emergency setting position 35 s
•    Power-Off-Position adjustable
•    IP 54, Control DC 0...10 V
•    Operating range DC 0.5...10 V
•    Position feedback DC 0.5...10 V
•    Connection PVC cable 1m
•    Direction of rotation reversible (right/left)
•    Angle of rotation limit. mech. integrated
•    Spindle driver universal spindle clamp



  • Mode of operation The actuator moves the air damper to the desired operating position at the same time as the integrated capacitors are loaded. Interrupting the supply voltage causes the air damper to be rotated to the selected emergency setting position (POP) by means of stored electrical energy.
    The actuator is connected with a standard modulating signal of DC 0 ... 10V and travels to the position defined by the positioning signal. The measuring voltage U serves for the electrical display of the damper position 0 ... 100%.

  • Pre-charging time (start up) The capacitor actuators require a pre-charging time. This time is used for charging the capacitors up to a usable voltage level. This ensures that, in the event of a voltage interruption, the actuator can be moved at any time from its current position into the preset emergency setting position (POP).

  • Typical pre-charging times The duration of the pre-charging time depends mainly on how long the power was interrupted.

  • Delivery condition (capacitors) The actuator is completely discharged after delivery from the factory, which is why the actuator requires approximately 20 s pre-charging time before initial commissioning in order to bring the capacitors up to the required voltage level.

  • Simple direct mounting Simple direct mounting on the damper spindle with a universal spindle clamp, supplied with an anti-rotation strap to prevent the actuator from rotating.

  • Manual override Manual override with push button possible (the gear is disengaged for as long as the button remains pressed down).

  • High operational reliability The actuator is overload-proof, requires no limit switches and automatically stops when the end stop is reached.

  • Home position / Start The clamp of the actuator is set ex-works to 0°. After the supply voltage has been applied, the actuator moves into the position defined by the control signal.

  • Direction of rotation switch When actuated, the direction of rotation switch changes the running direction in normal operation. The direction of rotation switch has no influence on the emergency setting position (POP) which has been set.

  • Emergency setting position (POP) rotary button The «Emergency setting position» rotary button can be used to adjust the desired emergency setting position (POP) between 0 and 100% in 10% increments. The rotary button always refers to an angle of rotation of 95° and does not take into account any retroactively adjusted end stops. In the event of a voltage interruption, the actuator will move into the selected emergency setting position, taking into account the bridging time (PF) of 2 s which was set ex-works.

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Technical Information

•    Electrical data
•    Nominal voltage range AC 24 V, 50/60 Hz / DC 24 V
•    Nominal voltage range AC 19.2 ... 28.8 V / DC 21.6 ... 28.8 V
•    Power consumption in operation 11 W at nominal torque
•    At rest <3 W
•    For wire sizing ≤21 VA
•    Connection Cable 1 m, 4 x 0.75 mm2
•    Parallel operation Yes (note the performance data)
•    Torque ≥40 Nm
•    Inhibiting torque .40 Nm
•    Control signal Y DC 0 … 10 V, input impedance 100 k
•    Position feedback (Measuring voltage U) DC 0.5 ... 10 V, max. 0.5 mA
•    Setting emergency position (POP) 0...100%, adjustable (POP rotary button) of maximum angle of rotation
•    Bridging time with voltage interruption 2 s
•    Position accuracy ±5%
•    Direction of rotation Motor Emergency setting position Reversible with switch / Reversible with switch 0 ... 100% (end stop 0%)
•    Direction of rotation Y = 0 V At switch position 1 or 0, respectively
•    Manual override Gearing latch disengaged with push button
•    Angle of rotation Max. 95°, can be limited at both ends with adjustable mechanical end stops
•    Running time Motor Emergency setting position 150 s / 90° 35 s @ 0 ... 50°C
•    Sound power level Motor Emergency setting position ≤53 dB (A) @ 90 s running time ≤52 dB (A) @ 150 s running time ≤61 dB (A)
•    Position indication Mechanical, pluggable
•    Protection class III Safety extra-low voltage UL Class 2 Supply
•    Degree of protection IP54 NEMA 2, UL Enclosure Type 2
•    EMC CE according to 2004/108/EC
•    Certification Certified to IEC/EN 60730-1 and IEC/EN 60730-2-14 cULus according to UL 60730-1A and UL 60730-2-14 and CAN/CSA E60730-1:02
•    Mode of operation Type 1.AA
•    Rated impulse voltage 0.8 kV
•    Control pollution degree 3
•    Terms and abbreviations CPO = Controlled power off / controlled emergency control function POP = Power off position / emergency setting position PF = Power fail delay time / bridging time
•    Ambient temperature –30 ... +50°C
•    Non-operating temperature –40 ... +80°C
•    Ambient humidity 95% r.h., non-condensating
•    Maintenance Maintenance-free
•    Dimensions See «Dimensions» on page 5
•    Weight Approx. 1.8 kg