H6100SP - 2 way globe valve, partial pressure reduced, PN16 flange, DN 100, kvs 145

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H6100SP - 2 way globe valve, partial pressure reduced, PN16 flange, DN 100, kvs 145

•    Valve disk stainless steel
•    Seal PTFE
•    Temperature of medium max. 150°C
•    Characteristic A-AB equal percentage
•    Leakage rate A-AB max. 0.05% of kvs

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Technical Information

•    Functional data Flow media Hot water and steam (Δp/P1 <0.4), water with max. 50% volume of glycol
•    Temperature of medium +5°C...+150°C
•    Rated pressure ps 600 kPa (PN 6)1600 kPa to 120°C temperature of medium 1400 kPa to 150°C temperature of medium
•    Flow characteristic Control path A – AB: equal percentage (to VDI/VDE 2173) n(gl) = 3, optimized in the opening range
•    Rangeability Sv See «Type overview»
•    Leakage rate Control path A – AB: leakage class III (DIN EN 1349 and DIN EN 60534-4)
•    Pipe connection Flange to ISO 7005-2 (PN 16)
•    Stroke See «Type overview»
•    Valve closing point Down (▲)
•    Installation position Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)
•    Maintenance Maintenance-free
•    Materials Fitting Cast iron GG25
•    Valve cone Stainless steel
•    Valve stem Stainless steel
•    Valve seat Cast iron GG25 / Niro (bypass)
•    Stem gland seal PTFE V-ring
•    Dimensions and weights See «Dimensions and weights», page 3
•    Motorizing See the Complete overview «The complete range of water solutions»

Manufacturer Belimo


  • Mode of operation The globe valve is operated by an NV or AV series linear actuator. The linear actuators are controlled by a standard modulating or 3-point control system and move the cone of the valve, the throttling device, to the opening position dictated by the control signal. High closing pressures are permissible thanks to the partially pressure relieved stem and the overflow channels in the valve (see «Technical data»).

  • Flow characteristic An equal-percentage flow characteristic is produced by the profile of the valve cone.

  • Manual Operation On the NV or AV linear actuator, the valve stem can be actuated manually using a hexagonal key.