H764R - 3-Way Globe Valve, DN 65

H764R - 3-Way Globe Valve, DN 65

H750N - 3-Way Globe Valve, DN 50

H750N - 3-Way Globe Valve, DN 50

H779R - 3-Way Globe Valve, DN 80

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H779R - 3-way globe valve, PN6 flange, DN 80, kvs 90 Housing and seat gray cast iron GG25

•   Valve disk stainless steel
•   Stem/bypass-seat stainless steel
•   Seal EPDM O-ring
•   Temperature of medium max. 120°C
•   Characteristic A-AB equal percentage
•   Characteristic B-AB linear
•   Leakage rate A-AB max. 0.05% of kvs
•   Leakage rate B-AB 1% of kvs
•   Design mixing valve


  • Mode of operation The globe valve is operated by an NV series linear actuator. The linear actuators are controlled by a standard modulating or 3-point control system and move the cone of the valve, the throttling device, to the opening position dictated by the control signal.

  • Flow characteristic An equal-percentage flow characteristic is produced by profiling the valve cone.The bypassexhibits a linear characteristic curve.

  • Manual operation On the NV linear actuator, the valve stem can be actuated manually using a hexagonal key.
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Technical Information

•    Functional data Flow media Cold and warm water, water with max. 50% volume of glycol
•    Temperature of medium (–10°C) +5°C...+120°C (–10°C on request) Rated pressure ps 600 kPa (PN 6) Flow characteristic Control path A – AB: equal percentage (to VDI/VDE 2173) n(gl) = 3, optimized in the opening range
•    Rangeability Sv See «Type overview»
•    Leakage rate Control path A – AB: leakage class III (DIN EN 1349 and DIN EN 60534-4)
•    Pipe connection Flange to ISO 7005-2 (PN 6)
•    Stroke See «Type overview»
•    Valve closing point Up (▲)
•    Installation position Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)
•    Maintenance Maintenance-free
•    Materials Fitting Cast iron GG25
•    Valve cone Stainless steel
•    Valve stem Stainless steel
•    Valve seat Cast iron GG25 / Niro (bypass)
•    Stem gland seal EPDM O-ring
•    Dimensions / Weights Dimensions and weights See «Dimensions and weights», page 3
•    Motorizing See the Complete overview «The complete range of water solutions»