IO/CRS - Counter Re-scaling Module

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The IO/CRS module acts as a counter re-scaler by converting
fast input pulses which are difficult to read for some BMS
controllers to a slower more acceptable output pulse rate. This
product is particularly useful for meter monitoring applications.
The voltfree input scan rate is 5ms providing a minimum pulse
length of 10ms. The output pulses are read into a counter buffer
that will hold a maximum of 65000 counts. As soon as the first
input count is collected the module will output a pulse with a
50% mark/space ratio with a duration determined by switches
SW1 and 2, as shown in the table. To access the switch remove
the front cover with a small screwdriver.

* 24 Volts AC or DC supply
* Voltfree input pulses
* Minimum pulse length of 10 milliseconds
* Counter buffer of 65000 (input pulses)
* Variable output pulses (voltfree changeover)
* LED indication of putput count
* DIN Rail enclosure
More Information
Description The IO/CRS Counter Rescaling Module is use to rescale fast input pulses to slower output pulses on voltfree contacts. The modules contain counter buffers and can be used for BMS inputs.
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Technical Information

Power Supply                     24Volts AC or DC (± 15%)
Input                                     Voltfree contact
Input pulse width               10 milliseconds minimum
Output contacts                   Voltfree changeover
Power Consumption          20mA max
LED Indication                    Relay On
Operating Temperature     -10 to + 40°C
Terminals                             1.0mm
Mounting                               DIN Rail
Dimensions                         36mm Wide
                                                90mm High
                                                58mm Deep
Order codes                         IO/CRS

Manufacturer Titan