TRIDIUM Jace graphics and BMS software for Carel AHUE software

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The .dist file downloadable here, is a template containing the graphics and settings of a TRIDIUM jace BMS system that interfaces with a Carel FLSTDmAHUE software.

This software aims to provide the settings, the graphics and interface configurations, ready made so to reduce the configuration time on the Jace for the AHU controlled by the Carel AHUE software built in the Air Handling Unit Control panel.

This JACE software interfaces with the Carel PCO controller via standard MODBUS protocol.

The Graphics are very easily editable and modifiable. All devices not present in the AHU can be quickly deleted and the appearance quickly customized.

The main graphic pages available are:

- Main Dashboard showing all the AHUs present in the plant

- Individual AHU Home screen displaying all the devices of the AHU with Dynamic graphics

- A scheduler with daily settings, special days, special periods

- Alarm Dashboard & Alarm list screen

- Charts & Histories of recorded variables

- Individual screens for the monitoring and control of the Heating and Cooling Coils

- Individual screens for the monitoring and control of the Supply and Extract Fans

- Built in Integration with the Carel NXL inverters via MODBUS through the Field bus of the PCO Carel Controller

There are 3 main AHU graphics template to chose from... one with a plate Heat Exchanger recuperator, one with the Heat wheel Recuperator and one with the Mixing Box.

Over 200 points in MODBUS protocol have been mapped in this template from the Carel AHU software.


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Take a quick tour and see in this video the looks of the Jace Dashboard:



A short demonstration which will show how to customize the graphics in the Jace:

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