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MC060HDS00 - Cabinet slave, modulating 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 60 l/h for mains water

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The MC060HDS00 - Cabinet slave, modulating 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 60 l/h for mains water is constructional and functional features of the MCmultizone allow the use of untreated drinking water.
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The MC Atomising Systems adiabatic humidification system is ideal for the humidification of medium/large industrial environments and large volumes of air, in the duct and for air handling units.

The system uses compressed air to atomise the water into very fine droplets that evaporate spontaneously in the air, humidifying and cooling it. In fact, evaporation occurs by "absorbing" sensible heat from the air that, as a consequence, is cooled.

The System features the following main parts:

- Control cabinet, fitted with the electronic controller
- Special atomising nozzles. The nozzles can be installed in the AHU/duct or directly in the room being humidified/cooled
- Manifolds for installation in the duct
- UV steriliser lamp and protective filters

Control cabinet

This contains the electronic controller that manages the supply of water and compressed air to the nozzles. The water is atomised based on an external control signal or, in the case of independent control, so as to maintain the humidity/temperature set point. This also manages all the automatic cycles, such as cleaning the nozzles and washing. The system has the ability to control the humidity independently in multiple zones (rooms, AHUs, cold rooms) using a master-slave layout. The layout has one MASTER and multiple SLAVES, up to 5, connected in a pLAN (3 wires, digital communication). The Master is fitted with a display for accessing the readings, viewing the status and messages on the master and the slaves. The slaves have their own internal control and can be set to continue operating even if the connection to the master is interrupted.

The Master-Slave configuration can be used as follows:

- High Capacity Applications: Applications in rooms or ducts where more than 230 kg/h of humidification is required, and thus more than one MC cabinet. The control signals (probes, external signals, limit probe) are connected to the MASTER only. The master and the slaves generate a humidification/cooling capacity that is proportional to demand and their capacity. In this way, a system can be developed with a capacity up to 1380 kg/h

All the parameters, the status and messages of all the cabinets can be viewed and edited from the user interface on the MASTER.

Automatic nozzle self-cleaning system Each cabinet, Master and Slave, periodically activates a cycle for drying and cleaning the atomising nozzles. A special piston driven by a powerful spring periodically removes any mineral salts deposited in the opening of the nozzles, thus significantly reducing the frequency of cleaning operations.

Guaranteed hygiene: MC Atomising Systems ensures a very high level of hygiene, as a result of:

- Automatic emptying of the water line whenever the unit stops
- Automatic periodical washing of the water line when the unit is not operating

This prevents the nozzles from spraying stagnant water. In addition, an effective UV steriliser lamp, installed upstream of the MC Atomising Systems, shines UV light on the flow of supply water, helping to eliminate any biological contaminants that may be present, such as bacteria, viruses, mould, spores and yeast.

Water quality for MC Atomising Systems systems:

The constructional and functional features of the MC Atomising Systems allow the use of untreated drinking water. Nonetheless, the quantity and the quality of dissolved minerals affect the frequency of the routine maintenance operations (mainly involving the periodical cleaning of the nozzles) and the quantity of mineral dust deposited by the droplets of water after these have completely evaporated. Demineralised supply water by reverse osmosis should be used. This is also recommended by the main standards, such as UNI 8884, VDI6022 and VDI3803.

Air compressor
The MC Atomising Systems requires compressed air, provided by an external compressor, not supplied by CAREL. The volume of air at standard atmospheric pressure required to atomise one litre of water is 1.27 Nm3/h, compressed to a pressure between 4 and 10 bars.

Other new features
As well as the alarm relay, a unit status relay and digital inputs are now available to enable MC Atomising Systems for operation based on a signal from the compressor, water treatment system and air flow sensor.

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Technical Information

Packaging dimensions:
– Height (H): 770 mm (3014 inch)
– Width (W) 605 mm (2382 inch)
– Depth (D) 255 mm (1000 inch)
Packaged humidifier weight:
–21 kg (463 lb)
Installed humidifier weight:
–195 kg (43 lb)
Mechanical specifi cations:
– Installation: wall mounting
– IP40
– Cabinet operating conditions: 1 to 40 °C (34 to 104 °F) <80 % rH noncondensing
– Storage conditions: 1 to 50 °C (34 to 122 °F) <80 % rH noncondensing

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