DPDQ402000 - Duct mounting CO2 sensor with a 0 to 10 Vdc output

DPDQ402000 - Duct mounting CO2 sensor with a 0 to 10 Vdc output

MS24A-R08-MPX - Room Temp, Humidity, VOC and CO2 sensor on MP-Bus AC/DC 24V

MS24A-R08-MPX - Room Temp, Humidity, VOC and CO2 sensor on MP-Bus AC/DC 24V

MS24A-R02-MPX - Room Temp and CO2 sensor on MP-Bus AC/DC 24V

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MS24A-R02-MPX - Room combination sensor for MP-Bus AC/DC 24V

•   Temp. and CO2 sensor
•   Digital input 24 V
•   Analogue input 0...10 V
•   Housing white
•   Direction of rotation reversible (right/left)
•   Socket grey


  • Application Room sensors for measuring the required values or actual values situation in the room ventilation comfort zone. Typical application: requirements-oriented and energy-efficient control of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

  • Mode of operation The room sensors are operated on the MP bus. The measured quantities of temperature, CO2, VOC, humidity and the optionally assignable DI or AI inputs are read and evaluated by the MP master by means of MP commands. The reaction time of the MP bus (1 … 10 s) is to be incorporated into the design of the bus application.

  • Start-up behaviour The VOC module outputs an initial value of 450 for 15 minutes after Power On. All other sensors are ready for operation immediately after the start.

  • Temperature measurement Resistive temperature sensor.

  • Humidity measurement Capacitive humidity sensor.

  • CO2 measurement Dual-channel infrared absorption sensor for selective recording of the CO2 concentration in the room. The air used by people is recorded through the CO2 concentration and is used as a measured variable for the requirements-oriented air replacement. Application: temporary occupation spaces with a variety of uses, e.g. schools, museums, hotel rooms, events locations, offices, etc.

  • VOC measurement Metal semiconductor sensor for recording VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds. The VOC sensor records the entire concentration of various gases in the room ventilation, caused typically by smoking materials, food and kitchen odours, body odours, emissions from construction materials and such materials as glues, lacquers, etc.
    Application: cloak rooms, toilets, restaurants and applications with rapidly increasing odour loads.
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Technical Information

•     Electrical data Nominal voltage AC 24 V, 50/60 Hz DC 24 V
•     Nominal voltage range AC 19.2 ... 28.8 V / DC 21.6 ... 28.8 V
•     Power consumption 0.5 w Dimensioning 1.5 VA
•     Connection Terminal block, 8 x 2.5 mm2
•     Functional data Control via MP-Bus
•     Temperature measurement Measuring range 0 ... 50°C, resolution 0.05°C, Time constant t63 <20 minutes, Accuracy ±0.35°C (with VOC module ±0.5°C)
•     Humidity measurement Measuring range 10 ... 90% r.h., resolution 0.1% r.h. Accuracy ±3%
•     CO2 measurement Measuring range 0 ... 2000 ppm CO2, resolution 1 ppm, Long-term drift <20 ppm/a, measurement rate 15 s, Accuracy ±100 ppm
•     VOC measurement Measuring range 450 ... 65535 Integrated automatic calibration algorithm for reducing sensor drift.
•     Inputs 1 digital input, AC/DC 24 V, contact rating 1 mA 1 analogue input, measuring range 0 ... 10 V, resolution 2.5 mV, no electrical isolation
•     Outputs The room sensors have no hardware outlets. The sensor values are queried and evaluated by the MP master device through the MP bus.
•     Angle of rotation 0 ... 330°, permanently set
•     Protection class III Safety extra-low voltage
•     Degree of protection IP30 
•     EMC  CE in accordance with 2004/108/EC
•     Mode of operation Type 1 (to EN 60730-1)
•     Rated impulse voltage 0.8 kV (to EN 60730-1)
•     Control pollution degree 2
•     Ambient temperature range 0 ... +50°C
•     Non-operating temperature –20 ... +60°C
•     Ambient humidity range 95% r.H., non-condensating
•     Dimensions / Weight Dimensions (H x W x D) 99 x 84 x 32 mm
•     Weight Approx. 114 g