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NFC-TS4311 - Touchscreen Fan Coil Controller, 24VAC/DC

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The NFC-TS4311 is a wall-mounted Fan Coil Controller with a 4.3" Colour Touchscreen and a thickness of only 25mm.

The Unit has 2 NTC Sensor Inputs, 1 Universal input for remote changeover or changeover NTC Sensor, 2 Digital Inputs (Key Card/Occupancy, Window Input and Changeover Input), 5 Optically Isolated SSR (Solid State Relay) Outputs (1 x Raise Lower or 2 x PWM-ON/OFF and 3 Digital Fan Speed), 3 Analogue 0-10VDC Outputs (1 Heating, 1 Cooling and 1 Analogue Fan Speed) and a built-in real time clock.

The NFC-TS4311 supports both 2 Pipe and 4 Pipe Systems and the Raise Lower Outputs are TPC (Time Proportional Control with adjustable valve opening time).

The integrated backup Super capacitor provides up to 48 hours of power and eliminates the requirements of a battery. 

More Information

• 4.3 inch Colour TFT Touchscreen
• Non-volatile Programmable Hours Filter Service Timer, 1 Hour update, 0-65000 hours
• Three Analogue outputs, one Heating output, one Cooling and one Fan Speed output 
• Three Digital Inputs for Key Card/Occupancy, Window and Changeover
• Adjustable No Occupancy Derogation Time
• Programmable Occupancy/Window/Changeover contacts input NC/NO
• Three NTC 10K3A1 Sensor Inputs
• Schedule Programming with up to 6 Temperature Settings Per Day
• Sensors offset feature
• Fan Speed Selection Auto/Manual and Analog/Digital
• Programmable Fan Prop Band, Fan On Delay, Fan Start up and Fan Overrun Time
• Adjustable Analog Speed Range with programmable minimum output voltage
• 3 Stage Digital Fan Speed Output
• Full Proportional + Integral
• Separate Integral Time for Heating and Cooling allowing it to be used for Heating and Cooling with or without Integral.
• Celsius/Fahrenheit selection from Main Screen
• Temperature range from -10°C to +95°C (0.5°C resolution) or 14°F to 203°F (1°F resolution)
• Adjustable Minimum and Maximum Setpoint Range
• Built-in Real Time Clock with Supercapacitor Back-up, up to 48 hours
• Adjustable Back-lit and Back-lit time out
• Setup entry from Main Screen (PIN Protected)
• 24VAC/DC Power input
• Wall mount (124 x 85 x 24)

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information


Power Supply 24VAC/DC, -15/+10% 100mA max (excluded SSRs load)
Temperature Range -10°C to 95°C (0.5°C Resolution) or 14°F to 203°F (1°F Resolution)
Setpoint Range  -5°C to 95°C (1°C Resolution) or 23°F to 203°F (1°F Resolution)
Temperature Sensors NTC 10K3A1, adjustable offset ±10°C, 0.5°C Resolution or ±20°F, 1°F Resolution
Integral Time (Heating & Cooling) 0 to 500seconds
Proportional Band (Prop band) 0-50°C, 1°C Resolution or 0-100°F, 2°F Resolution
Deadband 0-10°C, 1°C Resolution or 0-20°F, 2°F Resolution
Time Proportional Control TPC (valve opening time) 0-300seconds
Real Time Clock with 48 hours Capacitor Backup Adjustable from Setup
Proportional Outputs (Heating, Cooling and Fan) Digitally Calibrated 0-10VDC, 5mA per output max at 10VDC
Optically Isolated SSR Outputs Solid State Relays, 30VAC/DC 1A per SSR
Manufacturer Norposh