NFC-TS4316 - Touchscreen Fan Coil Controller, 24VAC/DC (BACnet)

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The NFC-TS4316 is a wall-mounted Fan Coil Controller with a 4.3" Colour Touchscreen and a thickness of only 25mm.

The Unit has 2 NTC Sensor Inputs, 1 Universal input for remote changeover or changeover NTC Sensor, 2 Digital Inputs (Key Card/Occupancy, Window Input and Changeover Input), 5 Optically Isolated SSR (Solid State Relay) Outputs (1 x Raise Lower or 2 x PWM-ON/OFF and 3 Digital Fan Speed), 3 Analogue 0-10VDC Outputs (1 Heating, 1 Cooling and 1 Analogue Fan Speed) and a built-in real time clock.

The NFC-TS4316 supports both 2 Pipe and 4 Pipe Systems and the Raise Lower Outputs are TPC (Time Proportional Control with adjustable valve opening time). The built-in Real Time Clock can be synced with a Computer/Server Time Clock with the BACnet Time Sync Feature. This controller has BACnet Schedule Object (Read/Writeable) thus providing Schedule Programming with up to 6 Temperature Settings Per Day.

The integrated backup Super capacitor provides up to 48 hours of power and eliminates the requirements of a battery. 

More Information

• 4.3 inch Colour TFT Touchscreen
• Non-volatile Programmable Hours Filter Service Timer, 1 Hour update, 0-65000 hours
• Three Analogue outputs, one Heating output, one Cooling output and one Fan Speed
• Three Digital Inputs for Key Card/Occupancy, Window and Changeover
• Adjustable No Occupancy Derogation Time
• Programmable Occupancy/Window/Changeover contacts input NC/NO
• Three NTC 10K3A1 Sensor Inputs
• Schedule Programming with up to 6 Temperature Settings Per Day
• Sensors offset feature
• Fan Speed Selection Auto/Manual and Analog/Digital
• Programmable Fan Prop Band, Fan On Delay, Fan Start up and Fan Overrun Time
• Adjustable Analog Speed Range with programmable minimum output voltage
• 3 Stage Digital Fan Speed Output
• Full Proportional + Integral
• Separate Integral Time for Heating and Cooling allowing it to be used for Heating and Cooling with or without Integral.
• Celsius/Fahrenheit selection from Main Screen (supports BACnet Unit Celsius/Fahrenheit)
• Temperature range from -10°C to +95°C (0.5°C resolution) or 14°F to 203°F (1°F resolution)
• Adjustable Minimum and Maximum Setpoint Range
• Built-in Real Time Clock with Supercapacitor Back-up, up to 48 hours
• Adjustable Back-lit and Back-lit time out 
• BACnet MS/TP Connectivity with up to 64 devices (Supports COV Subscription) 
• On board EOL(120Ω Termination Resistor)
• Setup entry from Main Screen (PIN Protected)
• 24VAC/DC Power input
• Wall mount (124 x 85 x 24)

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information


Power Supply 24VAC/DC, -15/+10% 100mA max (excluded SSRs load)
Temperature Range -10°C to 95°C (0.5°C Resolution) or 14°F to 203°F (1°F Resolution)
Setpoint Range  -5°C to 95°C (1°C Resolution) or 23°F to 203°F (1°F Resolution)
Temperature Sensors NTC 10K3A1, adjustable offset ±10°C, 0.5°C Resolution or ±20°F, 1°F Resolution
Integral Time (Heating & Cooling) 0 to 500seconds
Proportional Band (Prop band) 0-50°C, 1°C Resolution or 0-100°F, 2°F Resolution
Deadband 0-10°C, 1°C Resolution or 0-20°F, 2°F Resolution
Time Proportional Control TPC (valve opening time) 0-300seconds
Real Time Clock with 48 hours Capacitor Backup Adjustable from Setup and supports BACnet Time Sync Feature
Proportional Outputs (Heating, Cooling and Fan) Digitally Calibrated 0-10VDC, 5mA per output max at 10VDC
Optically Isolated SSR Outputs Solid State Relays, 30VAC/DC 1A per SSR
Manufacturer Norposh