NPC-604 - Temperature Controller, 24VAC/DC, 4 x Analogue outputs

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The NPC-604 is a Proportional Integral Temperature Controller with Lo-Limit. Setpoint can be adjusted remotely by using Digital Remote, External Pot or 0-10VDC source.

The controller has 4 separate analogue 0-10VDC proportional outputs for heating and Cooling.

These controllers are designed specifically to control Damper Actuators, Thyristor Controllers, Relay Modules etc.

More Information

• 4 x Analogue outputs, 2 Heating and 2 Cooling outputs
• Digitally calibrated 0-10VDC proportional outputs
• Full Proportional + Integral action with Lo-Limit. Integral action can be switched off if not required
• Separate Integral Time for Heating and Cooling
• User friendly Back-lit 16X2 LCD Display with 5Way Navigation Switch
• Temperature and Setpoint range from -5°C to +95°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. Min and Max Setpoint range is user adjustable
• Temperature Sensors offset feature
• Night Set-back input
• Remote Setpoint input, i.e. Two-wire Digital, Resistive 0-10KΩ, 1-11KΩ etc. and Analogue 0-10VDC
• 24VAC/DC Power input
• Din-rail PCB Holder

Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information


Power Supply 24VAC/DC, -15/+10% 130mA max 
Temperature & Setpoint Range -5°C to 95°C, 0.1°C Resolution
Main and Lo-Limit Sensor NTC 10K3A1, Offset is user adjustable ±5°C, 0.1°C Resolution
Integral Time (Heating & Cooling) 0 to 500seconds
Proportional Band (Prop band) 0-50°C, 1°C Resolution
Deadband 0-10°C, 1°C Resolution
Night Set-back -5°C to 95°C, 0.1°C Resolution
External Setpoint Input Digital Remote, Ext. Pot/0-10VDC
External Pot Resistance User selectable from Menu: 0-10KΩ, 1-11KΩ, 0-5KΩ and 560Ω-10560Ω
External Pot Setpoint Range User selectable: ±4°C, ±5°C, ±10°C, ±20°C, 5/35°C, -5/45°C, 0/50°C, -10/50°C, 30/90°C, 40/90°C, 25/95°C, -5/95°C
External 0-10VDC Setpoint Range User adjustable: anywhere between -5°C to 95°C with minimum difference of 1°C
Lo-Limit Range 0°C to 30°C, 0.1°C Resolution
Digital Remote Range (Setpoint Adjuster) User adjustable: anywhere between -5°C to 95°C with minimum difference of 1°C
Proportional Outputs (Heating and Cooling) Digitally Calibrated 0-10VDC, 5mA per output max at 10VDC
Dimensions 113 x 82 x 47 (W x H x D)
Manufacturer Norposh