NTC060WP00 - Phased out: this has been replaced by NTC060WH01

NTC060WP00 - Phased out: this has been replaced by NTC060WH01


Length: 6m
Storage conditions: -50T105 °C
Operating range: -50T105 °C
Connections: Stripped ends, dimensions 5±1mm
Sensor: NTC 10 kΩ ±1% a 25 °C Beta 3435
Dissipation factor (in air): ca. / approx. 2,2 mW/°C
Thermal constant over time (in air):  ca. / approx. 30 s
Cable: Two-wire with double sheath, AWG22, OD 3.5 mm max
Sensitive element index of protection: IP67
Sensitive element housing: PP/Co with AISI 316 outer cap
Category of resistance to heat and fire: Flame retardant


Shipped under 14 days

Product Description


The precision reached thanks to the technical solutions adopted in the development of these sensors and the reliability proven by the tests performed make CAREL NTC probes reliable and affordable transducers for measuring temperature.

The range of CAREL temperature sensors now includes <strong>TS* series</strong> (with two new immersion sensors, NTC and PT1000, suitable exclusively for hydronic applications) and a new pass-through temperature sensor to be used in the blast chiller applications, where the sensor is used for measuring the temperature in the product heart.

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Manuals & Datasheets

Manuals & Datasheets
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