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PB00C0HN00 - Powercompact standard, 4 relays

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PB00C0HN00 - Powercompact standard, 4 relays, Refrigeration Controller

Basic version
The Basic version is the simplest among the power compact, with 2 or 3 relay outputs. The power supply is 230 Vac directly from the main power, and the controller features a built-in transformer that guarantees double insulation. The controller can be programmed from the keypad or using an external key that allows the configuration of the instrument even when not powered.

- 4 relays:

  • compressor (2 Hp)

  • defrost (16 A)

  • fan (8 A)

  • auxiliary/light 1 (8 A)

  • remote display option

- 115 to 230 Vac power supply
- 2 NTC inputs
- 2 digital inputs
- internal buzzer
- programming key and/or RS485 network connector
More Information

powercompact is the new CAREL proposal for the control of stand-alone refrigeration units; it is especially suitable for applications that require high power for switching the loads, a significant number of outputs, functions and control with direct access from the keypad, a high IP of the front panel and at the same time a compact design that significantly reduces overall dimensions. 
This series is a complete range of products and accessories that ensure ease-of-use for the installer and optimise production times for the manufacturer, typically in the case of mass production.
Configurations are available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 relays, including 2 HP relays for the compressors, and featuring a switching power supply with an extended voltage range (115 to 230 Vac).
The continuous monitoring of critical events (HACCP), the possibility of connection to supervisory and telemaintenance systems, the presence of power relay outputs, the connection terminal block fitted on the rear of the board, the programming key as standard, and the repeater display, are all characteristics that place the powercompact at the top of the CAREL range of cooling controllers. 

Large display
powercompact is fitted with a very powerful and attractive display, featuring 3 digits plus decimal point, a plus/minus sign and an icon, simplifying the reading of the values and the operating status. The ergonomic silicon keypad allows direct access to the HACCP, light, defrost and continuous cycle functions.

This accessory is used to log detailed data, as well as to program real time defrost cycles (rather than preset defrost intervals). The RTC ensure compliance with the HACCP standards.

Connection terminal block
powercompact features a power terminal block for the direct connection of the loads, without the presence of the common terminal. In addition, the use of relays with changeover contacts ensures maximum flexibility in the connections to the panel. The terminal block is available with screw terminals or removable spade connectors so as to satisfy the needs of all manufacturers and installers.



Extended range switching power supply
The possibility to operate over an extended range of power supply voltages (115 to 230 Vac) in the range of refrigeration controllers ensures maximum performance, reducing dimensions and costs. In addition, it allows the powercompact to operate at temperatures as high as 65 °C.

Quality certification: 
powercompact series fitted with the standard Carel NTC probe is compliant, as required by EC regulation 37/2005 of 12/012005, with standard EN13485 on thermometers for measuring the air temperature in applications on units for the conservation and sale of refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen food and ice cream.

Manuals & Datasheets


Technical Information
Power supply PB00*E*: 230 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz;
PB00*H*: 115/230 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Operating conditions -10T65 °C, <90% rH non-condensing
Storage conditions -20T70 °C, <90% rH non-condensing
Inputs 2 for NTC or PTC probes, 2 programmable digital inputs thet can be configured as probe inputs
Outputs PB00*E*:
1 relay 8 (4) A, 250 Vac (compressor);
1 relay 8 (4) A, 250 Vac (defrost);
1 relay 5 (1) A, 250 Vac (fan);
1 relay 8 (4) A, 250 Vac (light/aux1); depending on the model
1 relay 12 (2) A 250 Vac (comp. 16 A) or 1 relay
10 (10) A 250 Vac (comp. 2 Hp);
1 relay 12 (2) A or 6 (4) A 250 Vac (defrost);
1 relay 8 (4) A 250 Vac (fan);
1 relay 8 (4) A 250 Vac (light/aux1);
1 relay 8 (4) A 250 Vac (aux2) depending on the model
Installation panel mounting
Index of protection IP65 with panel mounting and gasket fitted

Manufacturer Carel