PCO50000U0FM0 - PCO5 Medium version + PGD1 BUILT IN + NAND + USB

PCO50000U0FM0 - PCO5 Medium version + PGD1 BUILT IN + NAND + USB

PCO5000000CL0 - PCO5 Large version + NAND

PCO5000000CL0 - PCO5 Large version + NAND

PCO5000000AL0 - PCO5 Large version

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PCO5000000AL0 - PCO5 Large version

Digital Inputs: 18

Digital Outputs: 18

Analogue Inputs: 10 (of which 10 = NTC, 6 = 0..10V / 4..20mA / 0..5V, 4 = PT1000)

Analogue Output: 6 (0..10V)

Communication ports:

- 1 MODBUS Master Built in

- 1 MODBUS Master/MP-BUS Optional (optional card required)

- 1 MODBUS Slave Built in

- 1 BMS (Optional cards required)

- 1 pLAN port Built in

The pCO5 offers more demanding designers up to five serial lines, three of which are always available and allow the protocol to be configured, plus two optional lines that can be configured in terms of both the protocol (Modbus®, BACnet™, CAREL, CANbus, Konnex LON) and the physical support (RS485, Ethernet, CAN, Konnex, Echelon®). Versions are available with both “Host” and “Device” USB ports for connecting a standard USB pendrive and connecting directly to a PC without needing serial coverters.

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Technical Information

Technical characteristics



Power supply

24 Vac (±15%), 50/60 Hz or 22 to 40 Vdc

Power input

40 VA or 15 W

Operating conditions

-25T60 °C, 90% rH non-cond.

Storage conditions

-40T70 °C, 90% rH non-cond.

Index of protection

IP20 - front panel IP40