PP2ST00XP0 - PlantVisorPRO Box Hyper version for up to 300 devices

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The PlantVisorPRO features the connection of up to 300 devices on 2 RS485 lines with MODBUS protocol or via Carel protocol available as standard. BACNET protocol is also available as a plug-in.

Thanks to it's intuitive interface and customizable user interfaces ia the PVPRO IDE, this software allows a remote access to all the devices connected to it through its web interface.

The main features are:

  • Customization of the plant Layout

  • Customization of the device pages according to the needs of the customer

  • Reduction of commissioning of the plant

  • Data analysis functions to improve the service activities and optimize plant operation

  • Energy saving features: Floating Suction Pressure Control - Smooth Line, Dew point management Parameters control

  • Integration with Enterprise Carel system for centralized data elaboration

More Information

Supervision for refrigeration and air-conditioning

The global solution for system monitoring and management

PlantVisorPRO is the CAREL monitoring and management system for complete control and optimisation of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The interface can be customised for displaying and configuring the system. PlantVisorPRO guarantees remote access to all the devices in the system: the web server function makes internet connection easy. Due to the importance of its functions and the information managed, the product guarantees absolute reliability and security of data. The supervisory system is available as a complete all-in-one Touch solution: the product includes all the field and remote connections required to manage the system, offering a simple and complete interface with built-in touchscreen monitor. Alternatively, the Box version is available for more versatile assembly to suit different requirements.

PlantVisorPRO ensures complete control of the system in all stages of operation:
  • • Setup: centralised configuration of all the parameters for f the instruments installed, unit monitoring on commissioning;
  • • Daily operation: system interface, data logging, reports, activity scheduling, automatic optimisation of operation;
  • • Maintenance: remote access, alarm management with automatic signals and actions.

Layout Editor:

Customised system graphics System status and the main variables for each controller can be presented graphically on the customised site layout. Customisation becomes simple and effective using the Layout Editor tool or programming with SDK.


For accurate analysis of site operation, graphs represent an advanced tool for: • comparing up to 20 variables • zooming details over brief periods • detailed instant information
  • • customised scales and auto-scale
  • • rapid selection of groups of variables
  • • custom colours/backgrounds

Site protection

Control of variations in critical parameters ensures the system configuration is optimised at all times. Even following undesired variations, the optimum settings can be restored simply and immediately

Site calendar

A user-friendly and easily configurable calendar can be used to schedule centralised functions, such as:
  • • switch on lights
  • • adjust set points
  • • start boilers
  • • start defrost


Performance indicator The control capacity of each device (or group of devices) can be analysed on tables and graphs that clearly and effectively indicate operating percentages and times when critical system temperature thresholds are exceeded.


Statistical analysis of site energy consumption is presented on graphs and reports. The user can easily identify the areas of highest consumption and check the trend in consumption over time.

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