PSD0022400 - Power+ Speed Drive

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Power+ is a drive designed to control compressors with sensorless-brushless permanent magnet (PM) motors (BLDC/BLAC) or asynchronous induction motors. For the latter, vector or V/f control can be selected. The drives can also be used in some applications with fans and pumps, and consequently the device offers flexible use in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sectors. It is fitted for panel installation or with heat sink outside of the panel. Configuration and programming, as well as the Run/stop controls and speed reference, are managed by a CAREL pCO controller or any controller device via RS485 serial connection using the Modbus® protocol in master mode

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Description PSD0022400 - Power+ Speed Drive, 22.5 A, 380-480 VAC 3PH, IP20/IP44
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Technical Information

Technical characteristics



Power supply

380…480 Vac ± 10%, 3~

Rated input current (A)

28 A

 Rated output current (A)

 22.5 A

Operating temperature

-20T60 °C, 95% rH non-cond.

Storage temperature

-40T60 °C, 90% rH non-cond.

Index of protection

IP20 (front panel)

IP44 for heat sink (installation with heat sink outside of panel)


Manufacturer Carel