PWPROM0000 - PlantWatchPRO with built in PSTN modem

PWPROM0000 - PlantWatchPRO with built in PSTN modem

PW3W000TSI00 - PlantWatchPRO 3 standard up to 30 devices, wall mounted version 230V

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PW3W000TSI00 - PlantWatchPRO 3 standard up to 30 devices, wall mounted version 230V 

Supervisor for small-medium installations up to 30 Devices connected via MODBUS or Carel Protocol over RS485.

  • 7 inch Touch screen High resolution display
  • Password protected access 
  • 300 Variable Max can be logged on the device
  • Vast range of Carel Controllers profile preloaded available to configure via drop-down menu 
  • Graphic Web interface that will allows remote access from remote computers, smartphone or tablets.
  • 230Vac power supply
  • Wall mounted version

Compact and versatile, it provides installers, store managers, and technical and maintenance personnel complete control over the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems.

PlantWatchPRO is the best solution for the retrofit of existing installations. In addition, it guarantees compliance with the HACCP standards by saving the critical system data and exporting reports in various formats.

PlantWatchPRO is the new solution from CAREL for monitoring and supervision of small / medium-sized systems.
The upgraded hardware performance, combined with the new display 65K colour display, means users now have a powerful new tool for their work. Compact and versatile, it allows installers, maintenance personnel and store managers to control and optimise refrigeration and air- conditioning systems.

Other innovative features of PlantWatchPRO include:

  • possibilitytoconnectandcontrolupto50devices;
  • possibility to connect and control CAREL or
    Modbus® devices over RS485 bus;
  • log up to 500 variables;
  • log data for up to one year (with sampling every
    15 min).
  • connection to Enterprise system: RemotePRO;
  • Guardian software that increases and improves
    system reliability;
  • 2 relay outputs, for alarm signals or managing
  • monitor auto-off to extend operating life;
  • extraction of data such as: temperature, energy
    consumption, alarms, events, configurations and device models, using a USB memory key or SD Card;
  • importnewstandardorcustomiseddevices;
  • display graphs;
  • external buzzer management;
  • complete alarm configuration;
  • active scheduled defrost management;
  • access to the system via login credentials and
    profiling to allow different levels of control
  • device suitable for industrial environments, no
    moving parts.
  • possibility of remote access from PC, smartphone
    or tablet. 
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