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R6040R25-B3 - 2-way control ball valve

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2-way control ball valve, PN6 flange, DN 32, kvs 16

•    Housing nickel-plated, hot-pressed brass
•    Valve disk nickel-plated brass
•    Seal PTFE / EPDM O-ring
•    Characterizing disk TEFZEL
•    Temperature of medium max. 100 °C
•    Characteristic A-AB equal percentage
•    Leakage rate A-AB air bubble-tight EN 12266



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  • Mode of operation The characterized control valve is operated by a rotary actuator. The actuator is controlled by a standard modulating or 3-point control system and moves the ball of the valve – the throttling device – to the opening position dictated by the control signal. Open the ball valve counterclockwise and close it clockwise.

  • Flow characteristic Equal-percentage characteristic of the flow rate ensured by the integral characterizing disc.
Manuals & Datasheets
Technical Information

•     Functional data Flow media Cold and hot water, water with max. 50% volume of glycol
•     Temperature of medium +5°C ... +110°C1) (lower or higher temperatures on request)
•     Rated pressure ps see «Type overview»
•     Flow characteristic Control path A – AB: equal percentage (to VDI/VDE 2173) n(gl): see «Type overview»
•     Rangeability Sv See «Type overview»
•     Leakage rate Control path A – AB: Air bubble-tight (BO 1, DIN3230 T3)
•     Pipe connector Flange PN 6 (to EN 1092/1)
•     Differential pressure Δpvmax 100 kPa, Closing pressure Δps 600 kPa
•     Angle of rotation 90°<) (Operating range 15 ... 90°<) 
•     Installation position Upright to horizontal (in relation to the stem)
•     Maintenance Maintenance-free
•     Materials Fitting Forged, nickel-plated brass body
•     Valve cone and stem Chrome-plated brass
•     Stem seal O-Ring, EPDM
•     Ball seat PTFE, O-Ring Viton
•     Characterizing disk TEFZEL
•     Flange ring DN 15 / 20: Zinc-plated steel DN 25 ... 80: Aluminum
•     Flange joint surface Nickel-plated brass
•     Dimensions / Weights see «Dimensions and weights», page 3
•     Motorizing see the complete overview of water solutions
•     1)The allowed media temperature can be limited, depending on the type of actuator. The correct values can be found in the corresponding actuator data sheets.

Manufacturer Belimo