URT0000000 - HumiVisor Remote display UI for Heater Steam

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The Humivisor terminal is a Carel microprocessor-based electronic supervisor (code URT0000000), which allows up to 4 series 

U humidifi ers to be controlled at the same time (humiSteam, heaterSteam, gaSteam, humiFog). The unit allows the following 


• setting of the number of humidifi ers connected;

• setting of the parameters/functions of the terminal;

• setting of the current time and day;

• setting of weekly on/off times with up to two cycles per day;

• display of the current time and day and the on/off status of the output timer;

• global display of the on/off and alarm status of all the humidifi ers connected;

• detailed display of the status of one humidifi er;

• setting of the main parameters and enabling/disabling of the humidifi er;

• display and setting of all the humidifi er parameters, with password access.

More Information

URT0000000 - humivisor: remote graphic display terminal

The graphic remote display humivisor (URT0000000) allows management of a local network up to four similar or different CAREL humidifiers. The network is established with a standard two-wire twisted pair daisy-chain serial connection RS485.

The main function of the remote terminal is the centralised control of up to four humidifiers with a maximum distance of 1,000m.With the terminal, the status and the parameters for each humidifier can be shown and set centrally, which makes supervision and control of the network fast and easy.

The display is back-lit and the contrast can be set, which makes the visibility of the display extremely clear for all conditions.The humivisor terminal is fitted with a clock for setting the weekly ON/OFF times for each humidifier.

Manuals & Datasheets


Code Description Language Date Release
+050003720 Humivisor Technical Datasheet ENG 01/09/2011 2.1
Manufacturer Carel